Nail Colour Collection by Next

It’s funny the attitudes you develop towards places from a young age. For example, when I was very young (around 8 years old), Primark used to be a place that a lot of people wouldn’t be seen shopping in. I know, hard to believe right? But that’s how it used to be back then. Often it had dull tired clothing that was shapeless and banal, how things have changed. Next for me used to be a place that was similar to this, maybe it was slightly better than Primark at the time, but they often alienated the youth with their style. Once again, things seemed to have changed a lot for Next in recent years.

Now, Next isn’t the kind of shop that I usually buy clothes from. However, after finding clothes geared more towards people of my own age, and also seeing their nail polishes recently, I’ve been going there more and more. Now I can say that not all their things are marketed towards women in their 30’s+.

Not my picture!

Some thing that caught my eye during a recent visit was their Nail Colour Collection. Three particular colours that I bought were Well Jel (Pink Glitter Matte), Ballet Shoe (Beige Glitter) and White Noise (White Glitter). They were in a 3 for 2 offer so I couldn’t really say no! There won’t be any photos of my fingernails painted in this post, but there’s a reason for this. My job requires me to not wear nail polish during shifts, so to avoid constantly removing it from my fingernails every few days I have off, I just apply it to my toes. And I’m not sure if I’m ready to show off my feet to you yet!

Well Jel

I’ll start off with a review of the Well Jel colour as that’s the first one i used. It’s a pink matte effect glitter polish. This one has been amazingly hard wearing as it says on the lid. It was almost two weeks before I saw any kind of chipping. It looks a lot darker in the bottle but dries as a nice light coloured subtle pink. It is glittery but at the same time the glitter is so fine that it provides a nice sheen which is what gives it the matte effect. The lightness of the colour makes me feel really feminine and girly. It’s definitely one I’ll be wearing again soon.

Ballet Shoe

With the second polish, Ballet Shoe, my first impressions were that it requires at least one more coat. But that’s not a problem as I often do that to enhance the colour of most nail polishes. It’s a lovely beige tinted glittery polish that strikes me as one that would be suitable for going to an evening out or a ball as well as for casual. The glitter is fine and sparkles gently in the light and has a bright champagne brownish colour to it. I think to get the best out of this one, a matte beige undercoat would really make it dazzle.

White Noise

The White Noise polish is a shade that would be great for a wedding as it’s a lovely crisp white with a nice understated sparkle. Much like the Ballet Shoe colour, the glitter is quite subdued. That’s what really makes these colours special as they’re great for both causal and evening wear. Again, it needs a couple of coats but using a white or cream undercoat will help it to stand out. When it catches the light, it twinkles which looks amazing! In shaded light, it gives a nice frosted look. Like the others, it’s very hard wearing and doesn’t chip until about two weeks in. And even then, it’s barely noticeable!

From left: White Noise, Ballet Shoe & Well Jel.

Overall these polishes are great and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. My personal favourite is the Ballet Shoe colour. I like the fact that they last a long time without chipping as well which is always a good thing for any polishes. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and no doubt there’ll be more on the way!

Ali   x


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