Slimming World: Week 2

Welcome to week two! I’m publishing this slightly late because editing the last post took quite a while longer than I expected. I’ve noticed that I’ve been a little less motivated than I was last week. I guess it’s the same with any new adjustment in life, it can be difficult to maintain changes. In University, I was taught about the cycle of change and how easy it can be to relapse back into bad habits. In the first week, I was steaming towards getting that first loss to show myself what I could do and also avoid being embarrassed of a gain. When you first make a change it’s really easy to start, but keeping going is another matter. I have still stuck to the correct amount of syns for most of the week and I have worked hard at keeping going despite everything!

I found that I’ve been heading for the easier recipes rather than challenging myself to make new ones everyday. Although I have made Spaghetti Bolognese which I didn’t have last week. I’ve tried not to beat myself up about the lack of new recipes too much though, as most people changing their diet only make a new recipe maybe once or twice a week. So really, I’m not doing that badly! Also, all of my starting recipes, whether they be simple or not, have all been from the slimming world app. So despite everything, I have still been quite good at sticking to the diet.

Syn-Free Burgers are available in Iceland stores

I tried the Iceland Slimming World Burgers for the first time this week and they are lovely! I dare say, the homemade ones are slightly better, but I still like these ones. I grilled them, then topped them with a small amount of grated cheddar cheese, a very small dollop of heinz ketchup and then put them in a small wholemeal roll. Beautiful! I’ll definitely be getting more, they’ve been so useful for the times when I’ve not had the energy to cook from scratch.

Back on the subject of Bolognese, I’m pretty certain I cooked it wrong! The recipe specified that 200ml stock was needed, but I only had Knorr Stock Pots in the house. I made the mistake of putting two stock pots in the mixture thinking that would add up to the right amount. I should’ve only put one in, and if I needed two, I should’ve diluted it! It’s fair to say, it tasted pretty strong, but luckily it was edible! Couldn’t manage it all though! I seem to be making a habit of big kitchen fuck-ups! I’m far from a culinary genius!

My boyfriend offered to take me out for a meal at the end of the week. This was the first time I’d been out for a meal since the day before the diet began. It was Luke’s suggestion, half way through the day when I’d already got a reasonably high syn count! Luckily, on the menu they had gammon as an option. Meat is syn free, and all I had to do was cut off any fat which there wasn’t a lot of. It was served with grilled pineapple, peas and a few chips. I was more worried about the chips than anything, but they were thick cut and were basically like small roasted potatoes. There weren’t many at all, which was a relief and the whole meal just fitted in the syn count for that day at 15!

Winter Raspberry & Chocolate Log Slice, 2 out of 10 for presentation!

Above is a slice of my first proper slimming world dessert creation taken from the magazine. It really doesn’t look like it should in the picture below, but for a first attempt, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t realise until I had started making it that I needed an electric whisk! So I had to do the whisking by hand which took an eternity! I think if I’d used the electric whisk the sponge would have turned out better, but it still tasted quite good. I just need to get some more practice in!

How it should’ve looked! 😀

I’ve still been making the effort regarding exercise even on days when I don’t feel that energetic. I have continued to go out for long walks wherever possible this week. I try to do at least 3-4km a day if I can. See, a lot of people think you have to go running or do lots of sports to stay fit, which is in some ways true. If I ran, I’d be a lot fitter than I am now, but I struggle with it so much. That’s why walking enables me to get a lot of exercise and stay reasonably fit. I may not have abs, but still I’m not exactly working towards that yet!

This week in our Slimming World group, we had a Taster Day. This is when members bring in food that they’ve made at home for other people in the group to try. There was some lovely food to munch on. We had crustless quiche, diet cola chicken and more. Some of these recipes, I would love to try next week if I can. It will be difficult though with getting back into the work routine at the same time!

Once again, I’m really happy! I lost 4 pounds this week! I got my half stone achievement and also got the Slimmer of the Week award! I even got some syn free food from the group and a little fridge magnet! I still haven’t stopped grinning since! I’ve had lots of support and encouragement from friends and family which has been wonderful! I was certain that I had only lost a couple of pounds at the most, but this has definitely surprised me and made my week!


This week’s plan is going to be complicated as I’m going back to work after having a couple of weeks off. I suppose I need to look into food that can easily be taken and eaten at work. It may take a while to settle into a routine with both my diet and work together. I hope they don’t conflict too much. There is also a recipe I’d like to make this week which I tried on the taster day: Diet Cola Chicken. It looks delicious and reasonably easy to make. I will try and do it if I have time, but it may be difficult due to being back to work. So, on to week 3…

~ Ali ~



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