Slimming World: Week 5

Welcome to week 5! This week hasn’t been all that different than the last really. At work, my clothes have become a lot looser and I keep having to pull them up. I’ve tightened them up as much as I can but they’re still trying to drop down past my hips. Some people may find this annoying, but to me it’s great and it gives me such a good feeling because it lets me know the diet is working. A lot of people are starting to notice now which always gives me a boost. My friends  and work colleagues are all asking me for advice! It’s insane! I never thought that I would lose this much weight and I never thought that I could ever be an inspiration to others. It’s a lovely feeling that’s for sure!

By the way, it might seem strange to have a pile of potatoes as my featured image, it’s not the prettiest one I’ve chosen. But to be honest, potatoes have been a really consistent part of my diet. Particularly in the last two weeks as I’ve been having a lot of homemade chips. They’re syn free and help to keep me full so that I snack a lot less after meals. Just for that, I felt they were worthy of the front page this week!


How I wish my place would look at this time of year! Who else is looking forward to Christmas?

As the run up to Christmas starts, I find that I need to go out shopping more often, which is great exercise! Who would have thought that shopping could be that good for you! I’ve not done too much present shopping yet, but I have made a start! As December is upon us now, I made the difficult decision to have an advent calendar this year! I know, such a dilemma right? I wasn’t sure whether or not I should as I still want to try and lose weight this month. But I have come up with an idea! I’m going save up and eat my advent chocolate weekly rather than daily! I’ll eat the week’s worth of chocolates after weigh in, so then I have a week to work it off! Shocking, I know! That’s how I’m going to do it this year, be as good as I can for the week and then treat myself afterwards! How naughty! This year I have a Maltesers advent calendar because I’ve heard that they are a lot lighter in calories than other chocolates. I haven’t looked up the syn count yet! I might not bother finding out until after christmas because after all, ignorance is bliss!

My Malteser Advent Calendar! 😛

At the weekend me and Luke were invited to his family’s place for a Chinese Takeaway. I don’t really have Chinese food that often because I’ve never been much of a fan, but I know it can be very fattening! So I just stuck to my usual Lemon Chicken with Rice (Egg Fried – I know! So naughty right?) and had a few chips with it too! I’m pretty sure the Lemon Chicken sauce must’ve been high in fat because it was quite sweet and tasted a bit sugary. At this point, I had been good all week so I wasn’t too worried about it. And as usual, I went out for a nice long walk the next day with Luke to help work some of it off! It’s become part of our Sunday routine. The Sunday lunches we have there help a lot too, as it’s mostly meat and vegetables. This week I skipped having a Yorkshire Pudding and a Sausage, I stuck to one small Roasted Potato, then just had Cheese and Biscuits for dessert. The Biscuits and Cheese are still quite fattening, but they’re much less fatty than Chocolate Sponge and Custard!

I find going out for walks can be a bit tricky this time of year. It gets dark so quickly and sometimes I feel I have to rush out to cram one in before the temperature drops. Even though for me walking is usually quite calming, sometimes it doesn’t feel that relaxing because of this. However it does help us pick up the pace a bit just to keep warm! That may help me burn a few more calories off!

fullsizerender-7 light: ‘Dream of Me’

In our group, we have a little table in the corner of the room which has some low syn chocolatey snack bars that you can buy. They’re called lights and they’re 3 syns per bar. The first pack I bought last week (which I forgot to put in my last post) was the limited edition mint one called ‘Dream of Me’. I wasn’t that keen on them as they were very strong and I only really like the taste of mild mints. But this week I bought the orange flavoured ‘Cherish Me’ bars, and they are so delicious! They taste like the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges (obviously!) that I often have at Christmas! These may be my alternative! I often keep boxes of these in rooms around the house in case I get peckish!

fullsizerender-6 light: ‘Cherish Me’ 

I did it! One stone off in 5 weeks and now I’ve got my 1 stone award! Everybody was saying that I’d do it as I was only 1 pound away from it. I wasn’t so sure but I managed it! I’m still amazed that I’ve lost so much in such a short space of time! Thank you to everybody who has followed my journey and supported me along the way! It means such a lot! My next goal is to get to 1 1/2 stone but as it gets closer to christmas, I know that it certainly isn’t going to happen until the new year!

Instagram: @ali_edwardsx

By the way, feel free to leave a comment on how slimming world is working for you. It’s always great to hear how people are doing in group so it would be great to hear from some of you! Feel free to share tips with each other too!

I’m currently running a bit behind on my posts at the minute due to the busyness of life. You know how it is! But I have a few days off coming up so I’m hoping to catch up a bit over the next few days. This way you might have another blog to read this week if you’re lucky! See you next time!


~ Ali ~


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