Slimming World: Week 6

Hey peeps! Welcome to week 6 of my Slimming World journey! I’ve been making use of my time off to catch up on my blog posts as I’ve fallen a bit behind recently. As it stands I’m about two weeks behind! I’m slowly starting to catch up now so hopefully all will be back to normal soon!

It’s been a rather quiet one this week. I was on some training in the earlier part of the week, but other than that it’s been rather boring! This might be the calm before the storm as next week I have the work’s christmas do. This is going to be a challenge as I’ve forgotten what food I asked for! I ordered it before I joined Slimming World so I hope it’s not going to be too syn-full! My training went well and I passed so that was one thing less to worry about. My nerves can sometimes make me snack more, but I’ve been really good this week.

Goosedale: This is where our Christmas do will be!

On the day of my last weigh in, I bought some more light bars. This time I thought I’d try the ‘Devour Me’ Double Chocolate Crisp ones because why not? Anything that says double chocolate on the packet soon makes it’s way onto my plate! These are delicious and have little chucks of chocolate on the top! Just like the other lights I’ve had before, it’s just 3 syns and 2 bars count as a healthy extra. They taste just like chocolate rice crispy cakes which takes me right back to when I was little! I’ve also been liking Dark Chocolate a lot more than I used to. When you’ve been spoiled by milk chocolate, it’s difficult to make the change. But I’ve noticed since making the switch, that I find it a lot nicer than I remember. I think it could be because I have nothing to compare it to since reducing the amount of milk chocolate I have.

Also during the group session, our consultant talked to us about meal planning for the Christmas period. She showed us three characters (in the form of fluffy toys!), all of which represent how members are going to handle food at Christmas time. I can’t remember all the names but there was one character that eats well during this time and sticks to the diet regardless of temptation. The second character was ‘Flexible Fred’ in the form of a plush Santa holding a present. I remember this one as it is the character that I chose to be over christmas. He eats well during the times when there are no plans, and then treats himself when he goes to Christmas parties. The last one was a sad looking stuffed dog. This character is the one who doesn’t stick to any plan during christmas and eats whatever they want. Then gets back on the scales to find that all their hard work before christmas has been lost. I chose to be Flexible Fred because his character was a nice balance between the two. I could be good but also be naughty at times and not put on a huge amount over Christmas! Who wouldn’t want that? I’ve seen some instagrammers who are having a ‘Syn-Free December!’ Why? You only get one month a year to have some real fun with food so why not use it?

I’m still sticking to my rule of only having my advent calendar chocolate once a week! I’m rather proud that I’ve managed to resist the temptation to have a piece daily. Each door has a really cheesy joke behind it. The worst one I’ve found so far is ‘What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinselitis’. Just so embarrassingly bad, but it wouldn’t be the same without awful jokes! So there’s a few more doors open now as you can see!

How my advent calendar looks this week!

One of my favourite recipes since starting Slimming World (for obvious reasons) is Homemade Syn Free Burgers. I usually make them every couple of weeks. It’s really simple to make and fills you up brilliantly. I make mine slightly differently to the recipe in that I don’t put the ingredients in a blender. I just combine them with my hands. It might sound strange to say this, but I find that it improves the taste. Am I the only one who thinks so? Let me know what you think. I add crushed Garlic, Onion, Worcestershire Sauce into a bowl and then mix in the minced beef with my hands until they’re all combined. I then separate them into two lumps and shape them into burgers, spray with fry light and grill them for 4-5 minutes on each side on a medium-high heat. I then serve them with low fat cheese (a healthy extra) and sometimes either one wholemeal bun or two depending on how hungry I am. Also whenever I buy beef, I separate it into portions for the burgers at home and then freeze them so they’re ready for when I need them. It’s such an easy meal and all you have to do is remember to defrost the meat! Delicious!

We had some fun on Saturday as we went to one of Luke’s friends for the evening for a few drinks and a games night. I was very good and didn’t drink as I was the designated driver. I stuck to Diet Coke Cherry all evening. Which up until finding it in the shop next to regular Diet Coke, I’d completely forgot was available. I remember having it a long time ago, but I just completely forgot about it! It’s syn free just the same as the normal Diet Coke but with an extra lovely flavour! We had some fun and laughs that night. We played ‘Who Am I?’ where the person next to you writes a famous name on a pair of fake glasses and you have to guess who you are by asking everybody questions. It took me forever to figure out that I was Robert Downey Jr! During the night, we decided to have a takeaway, I gave in to temptation and had half of a Ham and Pineapple Pizza shared with my fella! I was able to rationalise it as I’d not had a Pizza in months! I hope I’m able to get away with it!

How could I have forgotten about Cherry Diet Coke?


1 1/2 pounds off this week which I’m pleased about! I expected it to be less after that Pizza, but I was good for the rest of the week! I didn’t expect to lose much. I don’t expect to lose anything next week as I have the work’s Christmas do coming up. Even though I don’t remember what I’ve ordered, I can guess it won’t exactly be healthy! I do have a busy week coming up work wise as I’m doing some extra shifts and Christmas shopping needs to be done too. A lot of what I eat will have to be quick and easy because of this. Looking forward to it all though!

~ Ali ~


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