Slimming World: Week 7

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is a bit late being published, but I’ve been quite unwell lately with a virus which has caused me to get behind again! I’m starting to get better now so hopefully I’ll catch up again soon. This week didn’t really get off to a good start diet-wise, as on day 2 I had fish and chips with my family! So bad! As if it wasn’t hard enough to avoid bad food close to christmas, temptation comes along and sends me skidding off track! I couldn’t say no though, up to this point I’d not had a proper fish and chips meal in weeks, which is how I rationalised it. I said to myself ‘You don’t have to eat the batter on the fish and you could maybe leave some of the chips’. But as soon as the food touched my mouth, I couldn’t resist anymore, then it was all gone, every last bit of it! Who can resist a good fish and chips meal every now and again?

This week it was my mission to get all the Christmas shopping done. I had quite a lot left to buy, but I knew if I left it any longer, it would’ve been a huge rush to get it done in time. I hate leaving Christmas shopping until the last minute. Normally I try and get it done before December, but my family were away at that time so I couldn’t ask them what they wanted. I managed to get everything I needed which was a relief. I was out all day and resisted going into Greggs for a snack so I’m happy with that! I think I may have done a fair bit of exercise too seen as I was on my feet for most of the day!

How I felt after finally finishing the shopping!

One of our consultants in the place I work was leaving this week and she threw a fuddle for all of us. This was something I wasn’t expecting and as with anything like this, I worry about the type of food that will be brought out. Wondering whether or not it will be high in fat. And if so, knowing that at the same time that if you have just one thing, it will inevitably lead to another. I ended up eating a lot more than I intended to but luckily not all of it was high in syns, and most that were like the miniature cakes were only bitesize.

I find that this week I have been craving fatty food more so than I did at the very beginning of my countdown. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been giving in to temptation a lot more recently and that it might be old habits coming back. Or maybe my body has been really missing out on calories and is struggling with this change in my eating habits, I’m not sure. All I know is that I have a lot more energy now than I’ve had in a long time and the only thing that has really changed is my diet! Another of the many reasons that I’m so glad to have joined Slimming World. This week seems to have been up and down as well, a couple of bad days at work always seem to get you down. But I had so much to enjoy this week at the same time.

Accessories for the Christmas Do, all from New Look except the ring.

Now on to the fun part. This week was our work Christmas do and for the first time, I’ve actually been quite exited about it! We all decided this year to do something fun and fancy for our annual do. Our venue this year was Goosedale in Papplewick, Nottinghamshire and our theme was a Masquerade Ball! This was something I’d never been to before and it sounded quite fun. I was lucky in that I already had a mask I could use. My parents went to Venice for a holiday and brought a mask back with them from a little tourist shop over there! I was lucky really, because a lot of the staff hadn’t even got their masks the week before the event! I wore a long black semi-backless dress which is something I couldn’t have got away with weeks ago! I found a great foundation last week which sits so well on my skin. It’s the NYX Matte But Not Flat foundation and on the top I used the Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Coral Glow for contour which blends so well into my pale peachy toned skin. I wore heels despite being 5′ 10″! A lot of people say I don’t need them, but I like wearing them and I don’t feel dressed up unless I’ve got a pair on, so I think well why the hell not?

Instagram: @ali_edwardsx

Everybody looked fantastic! There were huge groups of people there including our own crew! I drank quite a lot during the night so I’m not sure how many syns I consumed, but by the time I got to the third drink, I didn’t care! I had quite a lot of wine, amarreto and also whiskey and coke, so I dread to think how many syns that added up to! The meal which I spoke about in my last post turned out to be Spicy Tomato Soup, Turkey Christmas Dinner and and then a selection of what looked like Cheesecake Squares and Chocolate Cake too. So really the only things that were bad for me were the Pigs in Blankets and the dessert. Not bad going really! The only complaint I have against Goosedale is that they lost both my coat and cardigan by giving it to somebody else, even though I left them both in the cloakroom and took a number! So now I have to get it reimbursed!



Lastly this week, I had a Christmas meal at Luke’s parent’s house on Sunday. This year they’re having two! I know we’re all so lucky! The first one is for some of Luke’s extended family so that they can have a Christmas meal with us, and the second is the traditional one which will be next week on Christmas Day. We were both invited and I couldn’t resist the offer of two Christmas meals! It was delicious and no doubt will be in part responsible for any weight I gain this week. Off to weigh in I go…

I’m flabbergasted! Yes I used that word! I have actually lost another 1 pound this week! How on earth did that happen? I was expecting to at least maintain or even gain. When I look back, I think of everything I’ve eaten to understand how this has happened, but I haven’t thought about exercise. I’ve been on my feet for most of the past week, and danced a lot at the Christmas do. I can only think that must be the reason, but I’m still shocked! I’m not optimistic for a loss next week as it is Christmas week and pretty much everything I eat will be bad for me. Let’s see how it goes…



~ Ali ~



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