Slimming World: Week 8

Hello again and welcome to week 8! I finally got round to finishing the Christmas Week post! This time of year is particularly challenging for anyone who is losing weight. A lot of our Slimming World members have stopped coming with a view to restarting in the new year. Our consultant is gutted about this and has sent out texts to encourage members to keep coming in over Christmas. I decided to stick with it because nobody at Slimming World will shame you for having a good time at Christmas. Also I had already paid for my 12 week countdown, so it would’ve been a shame not to keep going with it. If you put weight on, you just move on from it which is why baffles me that people decide to stop coming until January. You don’t have to be strict with your diet at this time of year, they understand. I’m not expecting to loose weight this week and I doubt many others will so I might as well continue going.

One thing I’m proud of is that I’ve only just eaten my first mince pie of the year this week! To wait until Christmas week before having one is quite an achievement for me! My parents baked some homemade ones (a bit of a family tradition) and they’re delicious! I absolutely adore mince pies and could eat them forever despite being about 290+ calories each! That’s more than a Mr Kipling’s Apple Pie which is also high in calories and is another guilty pleasure of mine! The combination of pastry, spices, dried fruit and sugariness…. so amazing! Ok I’m going to stop now as I’m salivating!

Not my photo, I forgot to take one 😛

I’ve been reasonably good and making use of my ‘Flexible Fred’ attitude. For those who are new to this blog, the introduction and explanation of ‘Flexible Fred’ is in week 6. I’ve been allowing myself treats when going out, but also managed to be good for the other parts of the week. It’s all about finding a balance. My go-to recipes this week have been basic and small due to all the rich food that has been filling me up so much! Things like my Ham and Egg Omelette and All Day Breakfasts have helped to keep me somewhat on track.

This week was an interesting one, as for the second time in my life I developed Shingles! It’s really rare to have more than one flare-up of Shingles in your lifetime and certainly at my age! Luckily though I had it only mildly and it was only in small patches across my stomach. It was only badly painful for one night and has just been mostly itchy for the rest. I’m lucky that it wasn’t a huge amount and all it did was just make me feel more tired than usual. I was still able to go to work as long as I kept the area covered with dressings. The last time I had it, I was 12 and it appeared on my shoulders and I was told that it probably wouldn’t come back again in my lifetime. But lucky me, eh?

Festive Feasts Recipe Book

I finally got the Slimming World Festive Feasts book I ordered! It’s a little bit late now to making anything big from this book for Christmas, but there are still some lovely recipes which I can still use throughout the year. Something I can’t wait to try out is Cranberry Cranachan, it looks delicious and is only 2 syns per serving! Also the Crunchy Roasties look really nice too!

Cranberry Cranachan Recipe

I’m lucky that my workplace shuts on Christmas Day! This meant that I could spend Christmas with my family. That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it? I spent the first part of the day at my parent’s house so that I could be with them on Christmas morning and open our present’s together. We all had lots this year and here are just a few of the ones I got:

Clinique Moisturising Lip Colour Balm Sticks, a Soap and Glory Gift Set and M.A.C Amber Times Nine Shadow Palette

I was also given A LOT of chocolate this year! This was something I didn’t really expect! All my family and friends know that I’m on Slimming World, but I think how this happened may be my fault. I hinted to more people than I intended to that I was going to be eating some more fatty foods during Christmas, as I don’t get to have as much at other times of the year. I think they all may have taken me a bit too literally! I got at least 5 or 6 boxes this year! Not quite sure how I’m going to consume it all!

Celebrations: One of my faves!
No Christmas would be complete without a Terry’s chocolate Orange!

After unwrapping presents, me and Luke went to his parent’s house for that second Christmas meal I mentioned in my previous post. There were a lot of us there and had two tables joined together to fit us all on! On Christmas Day I wasn’t concerned about the diet at all and tucked into all the things I had been so strong to avoid all year! I didn’t worry as it’s the only time of year that I can really be naughty! There were Pigs in Blankets, Roast Potatoes, Bacon Bits, Sausages, Chocolate and of course the best bit Christmas Pudding!

Again, not my photo!

The Christmas cheer couldn’t last forever sadly as I went back to work on Boxing Day! I’m not complaining though because I volunteered to do it and it has been nice that my shifts have been good around this time of year. I’ve certainly been feeling a lot more festive this year than most others so I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s sad that it’s all over now for another year!

As expected, I gained weight this week! 2 pounds on! It’s no surprise as it is Christmas after all! This is the very first gain I’ve had since joining Slimming World which is quite an achievement for me. I’m honestly not surprised considering what I’ve been eating, and also I think some of the calories from last weeks Christmas party have finally caught up with me! I don’t think the weight will drop off until after New Year because there’s a lot of chocolate to get through!

I also joined Bloglovin’ this week which will mean that hopefully I’ll be able to discover new blogs much more easily, and also other bloggers will be able to find mine too! A lot of people have recommend it so I thought I’d sign up. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a fabulous 2017!

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Christmas Dinner!


~ Ali ~


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