Slimming World: Week 9

Happy 2017 everyone! This post is all about my New Year’s week with Slimming World. I hope you all have a fabulous year! Our Consultant postponed our weigh-in for the previous week until the 27th December which meant that we had Boxing Day to ourselves. She thought it would be cruel to get us to come in the day after Christmas, and it was also in case people had plans. Unfortunately the only plan that I had for Boxing Day was work. As I explained in my last post, I volunteered to work Boxing Day which meant that it was back to reality with a bump. So it suited me to have weigh-in the next day, as it meant that I didn’t have to rush back from work. So, onto the week ahead…


This week has been just as challenging diet-wise as the last one. Starting off with a meal with some of Mum’s extended family at the beginning of the week. Every once in a while, Mum’s family get together, have a meal and catch up with each other. I tagged along with Dad too! There was a buffet laid on at the restaurant and I couldn’t resist what was served! There were chips, Doritos, some battered food, just about everything I shouldn’t eat! Temptation got the better of me, but that’s ok I have still been making allowances for myself even though Christmas is over. It’s still the holiday season after all!

Just the day after this meal was my Mum’s buffet dinner with Luke and my Grandma. My Mum is well known for her legendary buffets and I love them! Each year she does one for the family, and of course there were many things on the table that were ‘Syn-ful’! There were mini sausage rolls, quiche loraine slices, cocktail sausages, cheesecake, everything you could think of! I’m making myself hungry just listing them! I helped myself to more than my usual share. By the end, I felt so full but satisfied that I’d had a lot of the things that I normally can’t get away with!

I forgot to take pictures of the food, but this give you the idea!


The temptation to eat my Christmas chocolate got the best of me. After weeks of avoiding sweets and chocolates I just couldn’t resist any longer. I managed to get through my box of Celebrations by the end of the week with very little help from my family! Considering that they are probably about 3 syns for each individual chocolate, I find it doubtful that I’ll be any lighter in weight this week!

The struggle is real: yet more Chocolate to get through!

Unfortunately, at the weekend I started to come down with a cold. As most will know this can be disastrous for a diet as all you can really tolerate at this time is comfort food. I was no exception, and all I could eat was sugary honey and lemon and strepsils to sooth my throat and cough syrup for my chest. As most will know cold and flu remedies are usually packed with sugar which doesn’t help. Also I had ice cream to help sooth my throat too. So I’m afraid by this point my diet had completely gone through the window! So I’m sorry I haven’t tried out any new recipes to get you inspired this week!


My New Year celebrations didn’t go quite as planned this year. Most of our friends had other plans and two of ours were going abroad! This left us with no real plans for New Year’s Eve this year and so we just had a quiet one with Luke’s family. To be quite honest, I was feeling really unwell and wasn’t really up to doing very much anyway, so maybe it was a blessing. I was so ill that I didn’t even have an alcoholic drink this time, just cola! We watched the London fireworks display on TV which was particularly insane this year! The explosions are so immense that you wonder how nothing gets damaged!

London New Year’s Fireworks Display

I haven’t made any resolutions for January because I’m rubbish at keeping them but I have an idea of what I want to achieve over the year. I may go into more detail about these on a later post though, because otherwise it will make this one really long!

I wanted to start the new year right by getting a bit of mild exercise in. I love to go on walks whenever I have the time, so I took Mum and Dad with me around a local resovoir for a bit of fresh air. I also felt like I really needed it considering all the calories I’d consumed in the week! At this time of year, it can be difficult for me to get motivated to go out as the weather looks and makes me feel miserable in winter. But I do try to go out even if it’s just for a short time as the fresh air definitely helps to lift my mood and keep my stress levels down. Since starting Slimming World I have noticed a lot of changes in my mood and I am certainly less irritable. I never really realised how much diet plays a part in emotional wellbeing until recently. You hear about it a lot but you never think it has such an impact but it truly does!

A picture I took at the reservoir a couple of months ago @ali_edwardsx

2.5 lbs off this week! How the hell did that happen? I’ve been so bad these last couple of weeks! I heard a few other members in disbelief of how much they had lost too. Before long they were almost unanimously saying that the scales hadn’t worked properly. I agree, quite frankly after that result I am sure of it! I honestly can’t see how it’s possible that I could’ve lost that much with the amount of fatty foods I have been eating this week. Either way, now that I’m starting to get over my cold and the seasonal parties are starting to die down, I need to start getting back into the swing of healthy eating. That’s my plan for next week! Hope you all had a fantastic New Year and hope you all have a great year to come!

2017 Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

~ Ali ~


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