Slimming World: Week 10

This week hasn’t been the fresh start I was hoping for to bring in the New Year. I’ve been so poorly with this virus, that I haven’t been able to do very much. Just when I thought I was starting to get better, it came back with a vengeance. My appetite in particular has suffered a lot, and for most of the week I could only really manage to eat comfort food. I managed, just, to get into work despite feeling like death. Having lost my voice as well, I ended up shouting a lot just so people could hear me! Remedy after remedy didn’t touch it, not honey and lemon nor cough syrups, nothing. So all in all, it’s not been the best week to welcome in the New Year!


As a result of all of these things, I have been reaching for the Christmas chocolates again! By this point, I just didn’t care anymore. I’ve had very little appetite for anything other than certain foods, and chocolate has been one of the few things that I’ve craved and been able to eat over the last week. When you feel unwell all you want is food that gives you a sugary boost. I managed to get through another box this week! This time it was one of my Maltesers boxes!

One of my colleagues at work kindly brought in some Curry and Egg Fried Rice for everyone on one of my shifts this week. I’m not a big curry eater so I left that for the others, but I happily had the rice and it was delicious. Rice and eggs are syn-free, the frying of them on the other hand may not be. However I’d had very little else to eat during the week, so it was nice to have something reasonably healthy to build me up a bit!

Not my picture! I forgot to take some photos this week!

Toast has been my most popular meal of the week, as I’d lost my appetite for anything else. Occasionally I would spice it up with a bit of egg or bacon on top, but otherwise that was pretty much it! It’s a shame that I couldn’t really manage a proper meal for most of the week, but it’s just one of those things. My trusty Muller Lights have been great at soothing my throat without adding any extra syns. These have been a godsend to me as they are one of the few things that I can binge on guilt-free! Diet coke is another syn-free treat that I’ve been having a lot of in the last week, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

On Saturday, I was offered a Fish and Chips takeaway meal which I found very difficult to refuse! I had eaten very little up to this point, so it was nice to have a proper meal even if it wasn’t exactly good for me! It used to be a tradition in our family that every Saturday we had Fish and Chips instead of a home cooked meal. Since starting Slimming World however, I’ve had to say goodbye to this little ritual. I miss it a lot so sometimes if I get asked to join, I give in to temptation and say yes. I had a nice battered cod, chips and also had some mushy peas with the meal just to make myself feel as if I was making a healthier choice! Wishful thinking I think!

Again, not my picture but you get the idea!

I finally felt up to going out on Sunday, so after lunch, myself and Luke went for a short walk with Ollie. It was nice to get a little exercise in after being in the house for most of the week. I was certainly feeling better by this time and the fresh air gave me a boost. I managed to be out for almost two hours which isn’t bad and walked a good couple of miles at least. We went around one of our local parks which is a regular spot for us as it’s got free car parking, and there’s a big area to walk around on which Ollie really loves!

This is Ollie! He loves the comfort of putting his head between my shins! Instagram: @ali_edwardsx 

2.5 pounds on this week, oh dear! That’s no real surprise given what I’ve been eating! I felt a bit down at first, but deep down I knew it would be a gain. Most of the week I didn’t even bother with Slimming World food or recipes so it’s to be expected really. I’m sorry that this has been a rather dull and short post, but unfortunately I haven’t been up to very much this week. I wish it could’ve been a bit more entertaining for you. As I’m feeling a lot better now, I will start making more of an effort with the diet in the hopes of getting some of this weight off. I can’t really say that I’ll be back to normal straight away as it takes time, but I’ll get there!

~ Ali ~


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