Slimming World Update

Hi guys! As of two weeks ago, it’s officially been 6 months since I started Slimming World! It’s gone so fast! I look back at all that I’ve achieved in that time and how much my health has improved as a result of joining. I’ve noticed that I can cope better with little things like walking up steep hills which was often a struggle for me before. My clothes are really getting quite loose which means I’ll need to buy some more soon! It’s a good excuse to go shopping! So here’s how I’ve been doing since my twelve week countdown…

Firstly I’d like to share a couple of images with you which show just how far I’ve come since my last Slimming World post…

1 1/2 Stone & Club 10 awards!
2 Stone award!

I did it! I finally got my next set of awards! I got my 1 1/2 stone and Club 10 award in February and my 2 stone award two weeks ago! It’s been quite a tough journey to get these. The things that really got in the way of me achieving them were my holiday, easter and just general temptation really. I’ve never craved sugar and fat so much in my life until more recently. I’m not sure why though, I managed for four months without feeling like this and now I struggle to say no when fatty foods are around or offered to me. Did anyone else get this at this stage? Anyway, it’s fair to say I had a few slip ups. During my holiday I managed to put on 4lbs! But after that week, I worked really hard to get back on track and managed to get 5.5lbs off the following week so it wasn’t so bad! Easter didn’t help either! I think the key here was to not let the gains get me down too much and just get back on it!

Just one of my many bumps on the road to losing weight!

As you may have seen in one of my previous posts we have been away to Yorkshire, but what I hadn’t mentioned was that we also went to Southampton to see our friends. We had a lovely time and also one of them also happens to be doing Slimming World too. She made us a lovely Cottage Pie which was yummy. My downfall came the next day after a visit to the JCR Global Buffet. It had been a long time since I had been naughty at one of these places so I relaxed maybe a little too much. Here are some of the things I had…

I know right?
Please don’t judge me! 😀

One of my favourite new recipes that I’ve been making recently is Crustless Quiche. It’s a favourite of a lot of members and I was itching to try it. As soon as I did, I thought ‘How have I never made this before? It’s amazing!’. I would even go as far as to say it tastes just as good if not better than normal quiches. Is that even possible? This recipe is available on the Slimming World website, for some reason it’s not on the app. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my quiches when they were done but here’s what it looked like…

Not my photo but it looked a lot like this one!

Another thing I’ve been reaching for in the shops in search of low syn meals is tinned Ravioli. Unbelievably, they are only about 1-4 Syns depending on the brand. I use the tinned ones from Sainsbury’s and they’re delicious. A perfect low syn meal for when you don’t feel like having anything too filling. Oh and on the subject of syn counting, the Slimming World app has been my saviour in quickly finding out what I should and shouldn’t have. I often use it in the shop as I go round and I can check things on the go.

Another thing I’m addicted to at the moment is the Weight Watchers frozen meals. They are so good, my favourites at the moment are the Barbecue Chicken and Beef Lasagne. They’re both 5.5 Syns each which is great when you think that a normal ready meal is about 13+ Syns! I mostly have them after a long hard shift at work when I can’t be bothered to cook anything, and for that reason they’re worth their weight in gold!

Weight Watchers Barbecue Chicken Meal
How the bbq chicken looks after heating

So that’s a general summary of how my diet has been going lately, how are you doing? Have you also been on Slimming World? How are you finding it? Feel free to comment below and I’ll see you all next time!

~ Ali ~


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