NYX: New Favourite Make-Up Brand?

Recently our local Boots store launched a new make-up brand called NYX. This brand has been around for a while in the US but it’s only recently been introduced in the UK. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of this brand before the launch, but I was interested in checking it out. One the day of the launch, there were lots of staff around giving people makeovers and talking with customers. I could hear a lot of people talking about it outside of the store and in other ones as well. There were lots of people showing each other what they bought, so I thought I’d better test a few things out and here’s what I bought:


Stay Matte but not Flat Foundation ‘Ivory’:

My skin has always been fussy when it comes to foundation. It’s difficult to find one that matches my skin tone (I’m quite pale!) and also one that settles well on my skin. They can either look cakey or bring attention to my dry skin even when using moisturiser underneath. This one is great, it is water based which is exactly what I need and helps to keep my face moisturised. It spreads so evenly and blends right into my skin tone even though it looks darker coming out of the bottle. It’s difficult to find a matte foundation which isn’t drying, so this is a definite favourite of mine! I really recommend this foundation and it’s one I’ll definitely be keeping!


Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer:

This is also a lovely product, it’s a gel-like primer which feels velvety smooth on my skin. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth after applying, to me it’s the perfect type and it’s less oily than others ones that I’ve used. I really notice a difference to my foundation coverage when I use this product, and I love primers like these that make a real difference to my make-up. It improves the texture of the foundation and helps keep it going for longer.


Full Coverage Concealer ‘Porcelain’:

I have very light skin which means I have some areas around my eyes are often blueish and visibly paler than the rest of my skin. It can be tricky getting a concealer that covers these areas and makes them less visible. This product is light, smooth, comes in a little jar and covers these imperfections nicely. I find that cream concealers have a bit more staying power than liquid ones and this one backs that up. It lasts for a long while without needing a top up.


Hot Singles Eyeshadow ‘Stiletto’:

This shadow is a gorgeous beige nude which goes really well with my skin tone. It seems quite a warm and versatile colour which could go well with most tones. I like the understated quality it has making it great for everyday use as well as for evening looks. It applies so easily, and I didn’t need a lot of the product on my brush to do the trick. Nude shades have always been a big hit with me and I collect them like crazy, so maybe I’m biased! Either way I really like this shade.


Extra Creamy Round Lipstick ‘Strawberry Milk’:

My lips are another part of my body that struggles with dryness. Often when I use lipsticks I have to put lip balm on the underneath just to stop it from highlighting the issue. It also helps to make it last better. I chose this lipstick because it said that it was extra creamy in the hope I wouldn’t need to bother with lip balm. It didn’t quite do the trick, but it is more moisturising than a lot of lipsticks I’ve used. This means that I’ll still be using lip balm underneath for now, but you can tell there is some moisture in this. It’s a lovely faint shade, it’s a little bit too light for my skin tone but it’s still nice. It would make a great summer shade for darker skin tones!


Mega Shine Lip Gloss ‘Pink Frost’:

This was my first product pick from the launch. I thought getting a lip gloss would be a safe bet because even if I wasn’t keen, then it would be useful to help moisturise my lips. Because that’s how bad they can get! Does anybody else use lipgloss for that purpose? The shine is very strong and the texture is quite thick so only a small amount of the product is needed to brighten your lips. It clings to them well and lasts a long time. Using it along with the Strawberry Milk Lipstick seems to make a great combination!


I really like these products and this brand has made a great first impression. I feel like they have made it into my top five brands already! My favourite of these products has to be the foundation. As I’ve said before, it can be a real struggle getting the right foundation to settle well onto my skin, but this one did really well. It has made it to my list of favourites for sure! I really love the eyeshadow pot too so I’ll probably be getting a palette from this brand at some point! Have any of you guys tried NYX products? If so let me know what you think of them. Overall, I would really recommend this brand and I’ll definitely be buying more of their products in the future!

~ Ali ~


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